Commissioned Replica… With a Twist

by admin on March 6, 2012

Replicas with Flair

Have you seen Downton Abbey? It is a Masterpiece series on PBS and has caused quite a stir, gaining followers far and wide as well as stirring the world of those who love to dress in period costume, put on and attend teas, or just study the era.

Recently a Downton Abbey fan contacted Cynthia Lee to do a "replica with flair" for her. In other words she was asking for a hat that was similar but one in which Cynthia would take creative license and add her own twist.  Do you want to see the result?  

Here is what the client (Karan) had to say about the result… "I LOVE IT !!!… I will be on the lookout for the perfect outfit for this hat !.. I have to be honest.. I did not expect it to be that beautiful.  Your a true artist!! You have brought back the charm of a bye gone era for me!"

Here is the chapeau!


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If you have a hat that you would like to be "replicated with flair", contact Cynthia for a consultation.  You can reach her via the contact page (click here) or by phone at 970-215-3145.

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