Are Hats Making a Comeback? You Bet!

by admin on March 6, 2011


It’s Not Just the “Royals” Wearing Hats Anymore.
Fashion in this day and age seems to be an odd compilation of splashes of decades gone by and new twists on old themes. Depending on where you go it appears that nearly anything goes. While there are certain frameworks in which certain industries seem to operate, even the limits of those seem to be stretching.

Gone are the days of suits in offices, scrubs in hospitals, and costumes only on stage. While there is still some truth to those things fashion is more than ever another opportunity to express your uniqueness. I was recently in a call center and saw everything from outfits that looked like pajamas to suits and ties, to literally “costumes” across the call center floor. Clean cut, to the grunge look… it was all there. Granted this is an industry where the sound of your voice is who you are rather than what you look like, but in nearly every industry you will see the same range if only on a different level of intensity.

Is it any wonder that even hats (I’m not talking base ball caps) are making a comeback? From the Paris fashion runways, business interviews and even small groups of women having tea together, hats of every shape and size are beginning to appear more and more often. For the longest time hats were the highlight of royal activity, the Kentucky Derby, and the Ascot. Not so much anymore.

Even the Red Hatters have done more than create a society, they have influenced and created an industry! If you ask any one of them, I’m sure they would tell you to never underestimate the fun of wearing a hat… no matter where you’re at!

So, go on… take the plunge. Put on a hat, a fancy chapeau or some other type of headdress and go have a little fun! Make a splash in the world around you and indulge your fleeting fancy if just for an hour or two. If you want to find an “excuse” to wear one, look up a local tea room, find a Kentucky Derby party, or put together a hat party with a group of friends. Take a step out and enjoy the wonderful world of hats!
Cynthia Lee… milliner extraordinaire (hat maker), public speaker, wife, and mother. Her creations are one of a kind, numbered, and registered. Nowhere else will you find craftsmanship to equal her ability and talent, or styles that can even begin to compare. Whether it is for a special occasion such as a tea or the Kentucky Derby, if you are looking for the perfect chapeau to make a statement, contact Cynthia here.

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