About Lady Cynthia

Cynthia Lee Webb

Cynthia Lee has been a professional milliner for over 11 years. She has taken her talent, trained under some of the best milliners of our time, and developed her own unique style. However, she hasn’t stopped there. She continues to test and try new techniques and make improvements on the old methods; constantly stretching her gift to achieve the finest designs and quality of chapeaus available. Her period pieces and present-day creations always embody her signature style.

She is an exciting and down to earth Public and Inspirational Christian Speaker, touching people’s lives through her experiences and knowledge. As a Conference Speaker and Teacher, she is able to impart zeal into her listeners and teach them practical ways of obtaining their goals. Cynthia is very knowledgeable about her topics, and those who hear her will always take with them something of value.

She is a published authoress as “Cindy Webb”. Her latest book release, When I Cried Uncle, illustrates her ability to communicate life changing fundamentals to every individual at her personal level.

Her best friend happens to be her husband, Dave. They have been married for 38 years. Together they raised two fine children on their farm outside of Johnstown, Colorado.

Cynthia enjoys working in her flower and vegetable gardens and playing with the animals on their place. One of her favorite highlights is “The Blooming of the Zinnias Tea” that she holds outside on their beautiful grounds beneath the large shade trees. She hosts this garden party every August for family and friends.

Cynthia has been heard to say, “I have never been bored; life is too exciting and full of learning opportunities.” This is a motto she lives by.

  • Nancy Schott

    I have seen the Hats Cynthia Lee Creates.  They are all fabulous.